We have a $500 nonrefundable deposit on all bookings. If you made a booking for 2020 and we’re issued a gift card we will honor the gift card until December 2021. We did this so our clients would not lose any money. This is for all bookings in 2020.

New clients for 2021. 

We will not be giving refunds or gift cards on any and all bookings for 2021. Do not make a booking with us if you are worried about canceling rescheduling or undecided about coming. You will not be getting your $500 back and you will not be getting A gift card. Last year almost cost us our company we are trying to stay in business for the 400 parties a year that we have.Our business always has and always will be non-refundable deposits. We are in the business of partying and the party will go on!