Lake Travis: History, Things To Do and See

One of the most well-known and well-liked lakes to visit in Texas is Lake Travis. It is situated about 22 miles northwest of downtown of Austin, Texas. It is renowned for having some of the clearest water, the greatest sunsets, and the best party coves. It is also a great place for zip line, boating, fishing, swimming, and other exciting outdoor pursuits.

Lake Travis is also great for groups who want the ultimate party boat experience. Whether you are celebrating a bachelorette, bachelor, or birthday party on a party boat you will find many captained Lake Travis party boat rental companies

Where is Lake Travis Located?

It’s located about 22 miles Northwest of Downtown Austin. There is no public transportation from Austin to Lake Travis. With big groups you may want to consider renting a large van or taking an Uber XL. . Lake Travis is a long skinny lake. Once you get to FM 620 there are several different ways to get there depending on which part of the Lake you are going to. If you are coming from downtown just take 6th street to Mopac (loop 1). Go North on Loop 1 then go West on FM 2222 to 620. Take Hudson Bend road and follow the signs.

How Was Lake Travis Made?

Lake Travis is a man-made reservoir located in the Texas Hill Country just west of Austin.  The lake was built in 1942 when the Lower Colorado River Authority built the Mansfield Dam on the Colorado River (LCRA). The dam was constructed to manage flooding, supply water, and produce hydroelectric power.

Lake Travis’s history began in the early 1900s, when farmers and ranchers began to settle in the region. Flooding from the Colorado River, which runs through the area, frequently destroyed crops and other property. In order to control the river and its tributaries, the LCRA was established in 1934.

The Mansfield Dam was finished in 1942 after several years of planning and building. The dam created Lake Travis, named after William Barret Travis, a hero of the Texas Revolution. The lake quickly gained recognition as a top spot for swimming, boating, and fishing.

Currently, Lake Travis serves as a popular location for recreational activities and water sports. The lake is about 65 miles long and can hold more than 1.5 million acre-feet of water. It is renowned for its tranquil beauty, crystal-clear lakes, and outdoor recreation. It’s a favorite location for outdoor activities like swimming, boating, fishing, camping, and scuba diving. The lake is home to many species of fish and wildlife, as well as numerous marinas, restaurants and resorts.

Things To Do Places To Visit on Lake Travis

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures

Situated in the village of Lakeway on the south bank of Lake Travis, Lake Travis Zipline Adventures allows guests to zip over the lake and take in breathtaking views of the surrounding Hill Country.

Lake Travis Sailboat Rentals

Situated in the village of Lakeway on the south bank of Lake Travis, this business allows guests to hire sailboats and spend the day on the water. Lake Travis is regarded as one of the top sailing lakes in the nation. Every year, Lake Travis hosts a number of sailing regattas and is home to a number of sailing clubs.


Fishing is another popular activity on Lake Travis, with largemouth bass being the most sought-after catch. Both largemouth and striped bass are stocked in the lake, and it’s also well-known for its abundant catfish population. Many sunfish and panfish species, including bluegill, redear sunfish, and crappie, are also found in the lake.

Water Sports

The lake is an especially popular location for wakeboarding and other water activities.


The Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge and Pedernales Falls State Park, among other parks and wildlife sanctuaries, are located near the lake.

Camping, Picnics, and Hiking

are common recreational activities near Lake Travis. Around the lake’s banks, the LCRA manages a number of parks and campgrounds, including Pace Bend Park and Lake Travis Cedar Park. These parks are ideal for family get-togethers and outdoor events since they provide picnic areas, playgrounds, and hiking paths.

Party Boat Rentals

Lake Travis party boat rentals are very popular on Lake Travis for groups celebrating bachelorette, bachelor, birthday parties, or those just wanting to hang out and party in Devils Cove. Good Time Tours in Austin, Tx is one of those party boat rental companies. They have captained boats that allow groups to celebrate their occasion and not have to worry about driving the boat and figuring out where to go. You and your friends can enjoy the sun, water, and scenery and the captains take care of everything else.


The Oasis

is a well-known restaurant with a gorgeous outdoor patio that provides breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding Hill Country. It is situated on the west shore of Lake Travis in the town of Lakeway. The restaurant also features a bar and weekend live music.

The Gnarly Gar

is a well-known seafood restaurant with a patio that looks out over Lake Travis. It is situated in the town of Point Venture on the south shore of the lake. The restaurant also features a bar and weekend live music.

The Grill at Starnes Cove

is a well-known restaurant serving burgers and sandwiches with stunning lake views. It is situated in the town of Lago Vista on the north bank of Lake Travis. The restaurant also features a bar and weekend live music.

Why You Need To Visit Lake Travis

Overall, the Texas Hill Country’s Lake Travis is a stunning tourist attraction. It’s a popular location for water sports and leisure activities due to its pristine waters and breathtaking scenery. For anyone wishing to appreciate Texas’ beautiful outdoors, Lake Travis is a must-visit location because of its extensive activities and rich history.