11 seater mayhem pontoon party boat charter for lake travis boat parties

Mayhem Double Decker Pontoon Boat

(up to 11 people)

If you want to rent a double decker pontoon boat for a smaller group then Mayhem has got you covered. This private party pontoon boat charter has a lot of the amenities of a bigger boat and a slide from the top deck but in a smaller package. With a clean interior and tons of amenities, our pontoon boat can fit your entire crew (and your personal best captain) comfortably and there is no doubt that you will have a fun day on the lake.

Don’t bring any uncooked meat on this boat as there is no grill to cook it on. There’s also no restroom, so please plan accordingly.

$800/4 Hrs

$1000/4 Hrs

$400/2 Hrs
(Sunset Tours)

Boat Rental Amenities Include:

* Holidays excluded. Captain’s fees (not included) are cash only and 20% of your total booking price.

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What is a Pontoon Boat?

A Pontoon double-decker boat is a unique type of pontoon boat that features two decks, one on top of the other. The upper deck is typically more extensive and more spacious than the lower deck, and it is typically where the seating and amenities are located. The lower deck is typically smaller and more functional, and it is often used for storage or as a fishing platform.

The two decks of a pontoon double-decker boat are connected by a staircase, which makes it easy to move between the two levels. The upper deck is typically shaded by a bimini top or awning, which protects from the sun and rain. The lower deck is commonly exposed to the elements but can be covered with a tarp or canopy if desired. Pontoon boats are perfect for hosting small boat parties on the lake.

What Brand of Pontoon Boat is Mayhem?

The Mayhem pontoon boat is a 2017 Sweetwater Premium Godfrey

What is the Length of the Pontoon Boat?

The length of the Mayhem pontoon boat is 26 feet x 8 feet

What Engine Does the Mayhem Double Decker Pontoon Party Boat Have?

The Pontoon Party Boat has a Yamaha F150XB 150 hp. tottle/Shift is remote mechanical and starter is Electric. Shaft 25″ X-Long

What Kind of Amenities Does Mayhem Have?

The Mayhem party boat has the following amenities:

Boat Captain

The boat captain will ensure your group is safe and has a great time. They will ensure you tour all the top spots allowing you to sit back and relax.

Aqua Lily Pads

Many of the boats have floating foam rafts known as lily pads that people will hold on to while swimming and drinking in the water.

Large Ice Cooler

For storing cold food and drinks

Sound System

It comes equipped with a powerful sound system, including speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can play music and create a festive atmosphere.

Slide and Swim Platform

Extended swim platforms with ladders, making it easy for passengers to take a dip in the water or engage in water sports activities.

Tables and Seating Arrangements

Tables for dining and socializing, along with various seating configurations to accommodate different group sizes.

Storage Space

Adequate storage compartments are often included for stowing food, drinks, and recreational equipment.