Terms and Conditions

Organizer of party is responsible for any and all damages done to the boat. By signing the contract you agree to be responsible for you and your parties actions. If damages are made to the boat, your credit card will be charged immediately for full price of damage. AGAIN, you are responsible for any and all damages to the boat and any Good Time Tours property.

There will be a $500.00 deposit when the booking is made. The $500 is NON REFUNDABLE. All payments are due in full before the boat sets off. If you are paying cash, a picture of your state issued photo id and a valid major credit card will be taken upon arrival. 

Weather Conditions

As far as the weather is concerned any kind of drizzle or light showers or spotty showers the boat tour departs as scheduled. If there is thunder lightning and heavy winds or unsafe conditions you will receive a RAIN CHECK BOOKING. Which means the following:
You can reschedule any other time any other day (as long as that day is open or it’s not a holiday )That does not mean you can schedule a holiday weekend. Holiday weekends are excluded!

If you have a weekend you can reschedule I weekend if you have a weekday you can get a weekday. A rain check booking must be the same booking you made previous.

By making your booking with Good Time Tours you are agreeing to any and all terms and conditions stated.

Example for cost of repairs:

Puking on Boat – $300.00
Seat cushion( where you sit)- $300.00 
Burn hole,floor or seat cushion (cigarette burn) -$300.00
Seat backing(back of seat)any damage -$1,000.00
Any damages done to the barbecue grill – $500.00
If u break something on the boat-$500.00 if not more
Any and all other damages you will be charged the price of the damage plus my time and expenses.


Rambunctious 19 person max
Monday-Thursday 4 hours – $700
Friday and Sunday 4 hours – $900
Saturday 4 hours – $1300
(Holidays excluded)

Mayhem 12 person max
Monday-Thursday 4 hours – $550
Friday and Sunday 4 hours – $700
Saturday 4 hours – $900
(Holidays excluded)

All prices include taxes and fees.
Captains fees (not included) are 20% of the total booking price.

Sunset Tour
$350 for two hours (10 people or less). Call (512) 924-2911 for details!



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United States

Please call us at (512) 924-2911 or email us.