What to Bring to a Boat Party

Anticipating a boat party comes with a lot of excitement. You get to party with your friends, enjoy the cool breeze of the water, and have fun while you sail. In such a moment of anticipation, many people get confused about figuring out what they should bring to the party. Are you planning a boat party and you are confused about what to bring? You don’t have to pack a bag full of what you will not need at the party. This article gets you covered. Read on for some tips from Good Time Tours Lake Travis party boat rental company on what you should bring to a boat party.

Bathing Suit

In most cases, the theme of the boat party, its nature, and the time of the day for the party will determine what to wear for a boat party. Nevertheless, you should not forget to go in your bathing suit. You can wear it under your dress for the party, especially if the party is a bit casual. You can also pack it along with you. The reason why you need a bathing suit is that the weather could rise in the peak of summer, which might make you fancy a dip in the water. This is also one of the fun parts of a boat party.


Sunscreen is an essential item that you must bring to the boat party, whether you are prone to sunburn or not, especially during summer and if the party is during the daytime. Since you will be under the sun throughout the day and the truth is it is unlikely you come across shade on a boat, you need to protect your skin. Irrespective of the way you will dress for the party, make sure you have sunscreen with you.


You will not get it wrong when you appear at a boat party with a hat. Not only does it add to your style, but it also protects your face and scalp from sunburn.


Since you will be under the sun while on water, you should expect it to shine brighter. The implication of this is that you might be squinting your eyes all day. To avoid headaches, you need something that will protect your eyes against UV rays and at the same time make you look classy. This is just why you need to attend the party with sunglasses. 

Comfortable Footwear

The boat deck could get wet and become slippery, hence, you need to know what to wear on a party boat. You can wear a shoe that is water resistant and will be comfortable on your feet when you climb the boat and disembark from it. In this situation, heels, though they look great, are not an option. Also, many captains prohibit heels on their boats. You should consider boat shoes, flip flops, flats, or thongs.

Jacket or Sweatshirt

Attending a boat party with different cloth options will make you feel comfortable throughout the party. Regardless of the weather forecast, you will be safe when you have boat party outfits that are suitable for all weather. It will not be good if you are stuck in your swimsuit and the weather gets cold, especially when you plan the party overnight. For instance, there will be a breeze in the lake, and a jacket or a sweatshirt will protect against the lake breeze.


Attending a boat party with a clean towel is for multiple functions. Firstly, you can use it to clean yourself after bathing in water or you can use it to dry your surroundings when the deck is wet. It could also serve as your mat if you want to sunbathe on the deck. However, make sure you dry your towel in the sun after each use so that it could be usable for the next purpose.

Music Playlist

Music is one of the fun things to have at a boat party. If you are hosting the party, you should prepare an elaborate playlist that will suit the preference of all your guests. The truth, however, is that music and entertainment preferences are relative. When you attend the party with your iPod, even if you don’t like the song prepared by the host, you will still have something to entertain yourself with. You can also share your music playlist with others via the boat speakers.

Snacks and Food

As the host, you should tell your guest beforehand if you will be providing snacks or food at the party. You can hire a caterer if you do not know the type of food to bring to a boat party, and have the time to prepare food or snacks for the number of people you are expecting at the party. Additionally, you should have a plan for trash or other means of cleaning up when you serve food on the boat. As the guest, you can likely get hungry or crave something that is not prepared by the host before the food is served. You can prepare some snacks along with you.

Cold Drinks

What you will drink at the party should also be your concern whether you are the host or you are attending as a guest. Though it is the responsibility of the host to care for the guests, it is, however, not a bad idea if you attend the party with your favorite drinks. When you pack this and the others that have been mentioned earlier, you will be assured that you have everything that can take care of you. You can even share the drinks with your friends. It will be better if you ice the drink so that it won’t get hot under the sun

Final Thoughts

This article has provided insight into what you can bring to a boat party. Other things you should not forget to bring along include: Cash to tip the party boat captain, Lifejackets for anyone 12 and under, Ice for the coolers and Ice chests in the event the boat does not have one.

If you are unsure about what to bring for a boat party, Good Time Tours, foremost party boat rental service in Lake Travis, would happily provide further advice.